Sound Recording and Editing

Pro-Tools and FCP are what we use as industry standard, and we don’t boast a million sound effects. Every sound is unique, and so we create a lot from scratch, avoiding mashed up layers. Separation is the key to clarity and punch.

Once we have clean track mixes, we tighten up the sync on each track, anticipating even DCP frame projection ‘slack’ down to a single frame.  We normally liaise with the producers at this stage, either by having them sit with us, or via internet link, to see if they want something specific, such as: cross fade areas, jump scenes, or perhaps other ideas that might come into play,  prior to pre-mastering.

After-thoughts always play a major role in final mixes, and we tend to run several ghost-masters before actual ‘nail-down-time’. In other words: we make sure everyone is happy before committing to a master.  However, even at this stage, new ideas can still surface which is why we love this part of the process, with everyone getting a little excited during this home run.

Sound Recording and Editing

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