Additional Dialogue Recording

Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) is our specialty and this is where we’ve pioneered some great cost cutting moves whilst still getting flawless results.

For example: if the on-set recordings are unusually damaged, clipping, or perhaps polluted in some other way and the actor is no longer available, we simply go through the on-set, off-set wild tracks, sifting through and lifting out sections that can be used (even down to one syllable) to repair or replace the originals, and although some of those wild tracks may be nowhere near lip-synched, we ALWAYS manage to fit the dropped-in repaired voice tracks bang on the nail with the on-screen actor’s lips.

If the boom operators (most unusually) are NOT recording wild tracks, then we suggest being on set ourselves and doing our own. It doesn’t interfere or slow down the production because we’re very quick.  It’s simple, efficient and it works beautifully.


Additional Dialogue Recording

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