Final Mixes and Mastering

Stereo | 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound | Final Mix and Stem Positioning.

When delivering sound for foreign and UK distribution, those distributors WILL ask for, and EXPECT; separate surround sound tracks, and stems, allowing for removal of dialogue in foreign dubbing, leaving everything else in place.

We’ll also sort out the headache of ‘Spotter Script’s, ‘Time Lines’, ‘Formats’ and we’ll arrange Quality Control, all crucial for major distributors who will insist on the likes of ‘Technicolor’ for QC.

The human ear doesn’t need to be battered with too much information, as Oscar winner John Poyner always said: ” People want to ENJOY a film, not be BASHED over the head with volume” and we stick to this rule.

In some cases where we’ve been asked to rescue the sound on a picture, we’ve actually increased the clarity and volume dramatically of both: the FX and dialogue, without touching the levels, by removing so much background noise (pollution) that the voices and SFX seem to get much louder, when it’s actually the background noise getting quieter.  It’s sad that some producers tend not to worry about this, and it’s folly to think that it doesn’t matter, because people DO notice bad sound.

Digital & Analogue Masters.

Analogue is becoming widespread again, due to Audio Visual’s published research. Matt Howe said: “It’s like adding fabric conditioner to the sound, just so smooth”.  We of course offer both: Digital, and Analogue; which means you’re covered.

Final Mixes and Mastering


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