It’s not so much the equipment, it’s WHO is safe with OUR film project, our ADR’s, MIXES, and with our SURROUND SOUND?

Producers need to know that their sound is in SAFE HANDS. They’ll have a budget, they’ll know what they want and what atmosphere they wish to create. However, in some cases, we might receive footage from producers who simply instruct us to crack on and to make their film sound great. In these cases however, it’s usually producers with whom we have worked before, and with artists such as:


Brian Blessed, Peter O’Toole, Steven Berkoff, Edward Fox, Samantha Beckinsale, Freddie Jones, Jean Marlow.



 Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Lulu, Alexis Corner and Ruby Turner.


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Voice over

We’ve been blessed in working with some of the best actors in the world, and we pride ourselves in being able to put actors and voice-over artists at ease.



ADR is our specialty and this is where we’ve pioneered some great cost cutting moves whilst still getting flawless results.

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